Behind the camera - Sinusphoto


I was always interested in creative work since I was a child. I tried myself in many areas, I was a DJ even for quite a while, and that is where the name comes from; DJ Sinus. It sounded more cool  by that time, but slowly it has stuck to me, so there was no question under what name I should start as a photographer.

I love photography to bits and pieces. And by that I mean that I am a true technocrat, I always aim for perfection and want to reach the best possible. Picture quality is crucial for me, I simply do not let myself the luxury to give out (in my opinion) not perfect picture. Therefore I aim for quality rather than quantity.


I am not sure that I had found photography or it found me. Either way this is one of the best thing what could happen to me. I seek for natural light and to capture real moments. I am a people person however I love still life photography - and food photography even more - as well. 

What you should know about me:

I have a sour sarcastic humor.

I have an easy going personality.

My favorite footwear is my converse.

I am a good cook. But I do not like cooking. But I love food photography. I think this is the biggest antagonism of my life :)

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